Tuesday, August 11, 2009


These are hints for the hunt, not exact locations. We will update it as we go so please be patient.

Start Location: Swordthain Creations - Go Subscribe.
#1- Check out those new hot shorts
#1(a)- Find the Design house on the wall, tp to it, and take a walk through it.
#2 - Follow the Black footprints and laugh.
#3- Take a walk on the wild side and find your inner stripper?
#4- Isn't Marble just beautiful?
#5- I love Roses
#6- A romantic picnic for two is always wonderful!
#7- How Naughty can you be with these hearts?
#8- Kisses are the sweetest thing
#9- Hmmmmmm Pink headband or blue
#10- Green is this clue, as green as a tree. Pink is a clue, think pink like me, cuddle is a clue, and a nice place to stay, I sit with my love and watch the water and flowers sway.
#11 - Already tired from running to the fantastic stores in this great couples hunt? Well you will need to visit the floor for those looking to sleep, and find the hunt hearts where you lay your weary head for a rest before continuing on.
#12- Hearts On a Balcony, How Romantic!
#13-See what you're fortune is.
#14- (Female) For a romantic night out a new gown is a must! (Male) Gosh, I need to go swimmin, but I need a bathing suit first.
#15-(a)Don't forget to check the new releases. (b) Plaid textures go with everything
#16-These hearts are in danger
#17-Take a little walk down the beach to the store and these hearts are camoflaged.
#18-Don't be shy, cam around this item. (Age Verification needed)
#19- I love this store so much I'm gonna subscribe!
#20-How is your luck?
#21- (Female)These hearts are Addicted to each other (Males)I could go for a "Danish" and a coffee right about now.(Adult)NO CHILD AVS. IN THIS SIM.
#22- Can't decide whether I'm adult or PG
#23-Try doing a fan dance for these ones but, don't get a kink in your neck
#24- It will only cost you a Penny for a little bit of couple time.
#25- It's a wonderful day to hang around the docks
#26- When you write you are always right!
#27- Are you a Lucky Chair Hunter.
#28- I think you need a new pair of designer jeans.
#29- Nothing like a comfortable pair of blue jeans to wear.
#30- Shelved.
#31- A good chance for couples to make out
#32- Go cuddle with your sweetie on the steps.
#33- Between Erotic and Nature, you will find what you are after.
#34- Head Upstairs
#35- It's all in the eye of the beholder.
#36- Pictures finish off the look in a room, don't you think?
#37- Dont get booted.
#38- Love flows freely.
#39- Look for direction where couples kiss
#40- Go relax and get a drink from the tiki bar.
#41- Midnight is a time for lovers and gifts.
#42- Check with the receptionist.
#43- A japanese lantern is a nice finish to a garden.
#44- The prize is not hard to find. Wanna fight?
#45- A girls dream come true, alot of jewelry!
#46- For this village, the newest kilts are the thing.
#47- Midnight is when romance is at it's best.
#48- Spend the day together, cuddling on the window seat.
#49- Do much reading lately?
#50- Don't forget to pick up some flowers for your loved one.
#51- Two hearts here, both with same LM to next place. Heart 1 - These hearts are ready to greet you. Heart 2 -Every bride needs a bouquet
#52- Garden of love.
#53a- (Males) Catch a Taxi!
#53b- (Females) ooo pretty lights
#54- The sign holds the answers. (take tp to third floor)
#55- Be sure to pet the kitty.
#56- I am getting very sleepy.
#57- A brief interlude. (Age Verification needed)
#58- Look for me, Snuggle me tight and you will find what you are looking for at my feet. Don't forget, I love carrots!
#59- Come out or in. (Age Verification needed)
#60- Look for something you can wrap not only around your little finger but also around your wrist.
#61- Be careful walking up, it might be under foot.
#62- You light up my life.
#63- Up higher and boxed in.
#64- We make beautiful music together.
#65- Is small and looks out a window
#66- I think we need a new bed set.
#67- A midnight dinner with your loved one is a good idea.
#68- Go cuddle on the rose swing.
#69- Summer
#70- Dont go sneaking around!
#71- Easily found.
#72- MOVED!!!
#73- A pair of candles.
#74- Be a poser.
#75- Even on summer time we love fire !
#76- Rez a couch or 2.
#77- Easily found.
#78- Take a trip to Paris.
#79- Newly arrived palms in planters add to the decor.
#80- Corner the market on hanging out.
#81- There are few things better than sitting in a comfy chair with a good book
#82- Passion in the rain, are you game?
#83- Hearts and Flowers
#84- Now that you're so close to the end, do a little Charleston to celebrate
#85- That lounging fairy looks pretty relaxed.
#86- So many kinds of art here ... even ... body? Stop to smell the flower.
#87- Grab a cupcake or two.
#88- Go tap the MM board.
#89- After all that walking, grab a drink at the bar.
#90- Get cuddly on the sofa.
#91- Be sure to look up.
#92- The prize is located in a refreshing place! Look up and think Stay Puff Marshmallow man.
#93- Don't forget to wear this when you go out in the sun to shade your eyes!
#94- Where do you hang mistletoe?
Ending Store - Unicorns and Butterflies - Click on the blue orb. The Lord of the Manor and his Lady Fair shall find their gift in the air!


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